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New York City has been taken up my time with a move. I will make sure to get back on track next week…..

Byes: Seahawks, Cardinals, Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos, and Titans

Panthers V. Falcons- The Falcons need a big game and I think they will have one here. Falcons win!

Colts V. Bengals- The Colts keep having more issues and the Bengals defense is actually good. Bengals win!

49ers V. Lions- Both defenses are good….but I like the Lions offense better. Lions win!

Rams V. Packers- Rams can’t get a break! Packers win!

Bills V. Giants- The Bills have the most INT’s in the league right now and Eli’s been throwing them. Bills win!

Jaguars V. Steelers- The Steelers haven’t been playing pretty but the Jags haven’t been playing at all. Steelers win!

Eagles V. Redskins- The Eagles need to play cleaner, but the skins are coming off a needed bye. Tough interdivision play, Eagles win!

Texans V. Ravens- This is a huge game for both teams to try to stay atop the AFC best teams. However, watching last week and the loss of Williams I think it will be a long day for the Texans. Ravens win!

Browns V. Raiders- The Raiders want it bad, and the Browns don’t know what they want. Raiders win!

Cowboys V. Patriots- I want to pick the Cowboys but I don’t think their bye did them any good. Pats win!

Saints V. Bucs- After last week the Bucs look nothing like the upstart team from last year. Plus no Blount equals Saints win!

Vikings V. Bears- Both of these teams need a win to keep their season going but neither have been extremely impressive, but I think the Bears pull this one out!

Dolphins V. Jets- How many games do the Fins need to lose before Sparano loses his job? Jets win!


For those that don’t now I am now residing in NYC and since this is my first weekend here this will be short and sweet…..

Here we go…..

BYES week start this week: Ravens, Browns, Cowboys, Dolphins, Rams, Redskins

Saints V. Panthers- Drew Brees has another big game while Cam Newton gets picked off. Saints Win!

Chiefs V. Colts- Just feeling that the Colts are close to a win and the Chiefs already got theirs. Colts Win!

Eagles V. Bills- The Bills are slowing down but Eagles can’t get anything together. Mainly cause they’re at home Bills win!

Seahawks V. Giants- Seahawks had a nice almost comeback last week, but Manning is hot right now. Giants win!

Bengals V. Jaguars- The Bengals O bad, but their D is good….the Jags are too confused to win. Bengals win!

Titans V. Steelers- Hard to win in Pitts, but no Harrison and a weakened Ben. Titans Healthy and ready! Titans win!

Raiders V. Texans- Raiders have some talent but the Texans are out to prove something. Healthy Foster even minus AJ, Texans win!

Cardinals V. Vikings- The Cards keep coming close and the Vikes keep losing it. I keep saying it but Cards win!

Buccaneers V. 49ers- Both teams need to keep the momentum they have going. Its hard but I will say Bucs win!

Jets V. Patriots- Jets aren’t playing good, The Pats have holes in their defense but offense scores points. Pats win!

Chargers V. Broncos- Broncos are going to be another game closer to Tebow. Chargers win!

Packers V. Falcons- The Falcons have talent but they will be seeing way to much of the Pack to do anything with it. Packers win!

Bears V. Lions- Cutler will be running scared from Suh and 2 more TD’s for Cool Cal. Lions win!

{September 13, 2011}   Week 1 Round Up

On a very emotional weekend for America, the NFL was back to business. For a few moments all the teams were just citizens of this beautiful country. Then to all of our enjoyment they went back to their respective teams and tore each other apart.


Saints V. Packers- This game was just as I suspected high scoring craziness! The Pack jumped right back in from where they left off last year. They jumped early to a 14-0 lead and the Saints were playing catchup the rest of the game. Both teams looked good once they got into the 2nd half, but the Packers had the early motivation. These teams may meet up again in the playoffs.

Steelers V. Ravens- My favorite game of the week. I have been a major supporter of the Ravens the last few years. I think that they are a great team that has been underrated. Where I think that the Steelers are overrated. But in this competition the Ravens always seem to falter when it comes to this rivalry. Well step child no more. The Ravens made a statement that they will play second fiddle to no one. We will see what happens when they meet again in Pittsburgh Week 9.

Bengals V. Browns- Even the injury of their starting QB didn’t stop the Bengals some how. I think Benson not having a cloud over his head going into the game helped as did their back up QB. I knew this could go either way being two of the most consistently inconsistent teams in the league and in the same division. I think it will be a few weeks before we know what either these teams are capable of.

Colts V. Texans- There’s a reason why certain teams succeed without any one player, and why others collapse. Case in point are the Colts, not much has changed except for the gaping hole behind the center. The Texans on the other hand proved that Foster is a bonus not a necessity to win games. I like the way they played and if Schaub can stay consistent they have a good chance for a lot of wins.

Titans V. Jaguars- What this comes down to is MJD performed while CJ2K did not. It ended up being only a 2 point game. The Jags did prove their doubters wrong after a lot of questions came up from dumping Garrard less than a week prior. However, their defense did their job and MJD came out swinging. Another two teams that we will need to see play more to truly know how they will play.

Falcons V. Bears- The Falcons surely didn’t deserve my pre season hype. However, when you look at the numbers there were some great supporting stats. It was the Bears defense that ran this game, they were able to hold the Falcons to just field goals. I do not believe in the Bears as of yet I am sure I will hear about it from my Chicago peeps. If they continue to play this good then the Packers will need to keep an eye on them. The Falcons however I believe will improve off of this game. I still think they are a high caliber team!

Eagles V. Rams- This played out exactly the way I thought it would. The Rams tried their little hearts out, but the big bad “dream” team pounced on them. I am not big on Vick, he makes the plays but he puts himself in very dangerous territory. McCoy proved he’s a great back and I wish that Vick would let him do the running before he hurts himself yet again. The Rams on the other hand had their two top players get injured which makes me a little worried.

Lions V. Bucs- I loved this game, both young teams played hard. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of these teams as serious contenders in the next coupld of years. However, I think the Bucs need to work on their running game some more. These will be two fun teams to watch grow and I think they have a lot going for them.

Bills V. Chiefs- I do not know what to say on this one. The Bills surprised a lot of people, but I have liked Fitzpatrick since the end of last season. But I did not believe in the gaping holes in their defense. I think this was more about the Chiefs and their known easy schedule last year. Losing at home was something they don’t often do. I think this year might not be good for them.

Seahawks V. Niners- Not that I expected much from this game, but I will say that Ted Ginn Jr. was the star of this show. Other than his two returns for TD’s the game was pretty tame. Both teams didn’t see much from their offense and running games were non existent. I don’t expect much from either team but I think that maybe we will get a better idea next week.

Giants V. Redskins- Wow! That is really all I can say about this game. Grossman actually looked like a professional football player. Hightower helped the run game and the passes were spread out. The Skins defense looked great as well. I still am not sure what happened with the Giants as I don’t fully buy into the Skins’. However, I think it seemed obvious after the preseason that they have a lot to overcome. They better hope that Nicks injury isn’t too serious.

Panthers V. Cardinals- This is a game I believe everyone was interested in seeing. Two new QB’s with a lot on their shoulders. Both actually did very well but it ended up being the AZ defense holding the Panthers back with seconds winding down. I like what I see so far with the Panthers but Beason being out for the season will have some serious effects on their defense

Vikings V. Chargers- The Chargers did not start out well, in fact they started the season how it ended horrible at special teams. They said getting a kickoff returned would be rare this year and Harvin made it seem like a daily thing. Then at the half it seemed as maybe people were over hyping the Chargers all over again. But they ended up with 17 unanswered points in the 2nd half. Rivers started out the year with 2 INT’s he needs to keep an eye on those. Mcnabb on the other hand brought nothing to the team as most thought. Unfortunately, I think he needs to be done after this year.

Cowboys V. Jets- The Jets should count their lucky Romos! They did not play well but thanks to last minute costly errors by Romo and a blocked punt they some how were able to pull it off. Thank you Nick Folk. However, the Cowboys did play a great first half and they need to focus more on that. But with a very weakened secondary they need to be worried about that. The Jets on the other hand need to find their way back to ground and pound or they will be playing catchup all season long.

Patriots V. Dolphins- Brady’s a god on a pedestal! At least that is what Jon Gruden would make you think. I thought commentators were supposed to be a little more unbias. They kept talking about this being is 1st INT since October. Apparently everyone has forgotten about his INT during the playoff game against the Jets. The Dolphins did surprise me though, and I think if they continue to play hard they will win more games. However, I think their CB’s just proved they aren’t the best tandem in the league.

Raiders V. Broncos- This game was difficult to watch. It was a mess to begin with and kept having issues. The Broncos couldn’t get a running game going and The Raiders had no passing game. The Broncos had a bigger blow with injuries to Dumervil and Bailey. The Broncos have a lot of issues that they need to address, and I don’t see things looking up. However, the Raiders have to be happy with Mcfadden and thankful for Janikowski’s leg.

{November 23, 2010}   Week 12-Happy Turkey/Football Day!

New England V. Detroit- The Pats have a pretty easy schedule coming up minus the Jets and Packers. I think it might come down to week 13 vs. the Jets on who is going to win the AFC East. I think that the Lions have a lot to be proud of their season thus far. But they will suffer another Thanksgiving day loss. Maybe next year it will be better for them.

New Orleans V. Dallas- The Cowboys are probably on a high thinking their interim coach is a god send. While things seem to be clicking a little better than before I don’t think Brees and company is going to let them get anywhere. Kitna made some nice plays last week but I don’t see the Saints D letting that happen this week. I call a win for the Saints on turkey day!

Cincinnati V. New York Jets- Average corner? Come on T.O. at least Ocho gives my man respect! But then again T. O. called his team terrible last week so I don’t know how much faith one can have that they will be able to change that this week. The Jets on the other hand reallllllllly need to finish a game off before the 2:00 mark. I think they have the talent they just need to put it together faster. The Bengals are circling the drain right now, I call the Jets.

Jacksonville V. New York Giants- The Jags put themselves in great position last week, they are now first in their division with a head to head win over the Colts. But I don’t see the Colts backing down, so if the Jags want to be taken seriously this would be a great way of doing it by burying baby brother. The Giants on the other hand lost their upper hand by losing to divisional rivals the Eagles last week. Both teams have a lot to prove and as much as I want to call the Jags, I like the Giants defense in this. They were able to restrict Vick and Garrard is no Vick. The Giants win this one.

Pittsburgh V. Bufffalo- While the Bills were able to come back and take control of the Bengals last week the Steelers still have a lot to prove. They have tough losses and like they did last week against the Raiders I think they will take control early and smack it down on the Bills. The Bills should be able to score at least with the way they’ve been playing. But I will take the Steelers here.

Tennessee V. Houston- Unfortunately for these two teams it seems that their goose….I mean turkey is cooked! The Titans lose Young and Collins really isn’t playing either with two teams currently ahead of them I just don’t see them making a play for the playoffs. The Texans on the other hand really do have the talent its the inconsistency that is the problem here. I know every one thinks CJ is the best back, but right now I have to go with Foster. I am taking the Texans.

Green Bay V. Atlanta- This is probably the first important match up in the NFC to decide who is the #1 team. The Falcons get the pleasure of playing at home, however the Packers are coming off probably their best game of the year. This is a hard one and even though at the beginning of the year I called the Pack, I have said it week after week I like the low down under the radar football the Falcons have been playing. I will take them.  

Carolina V. Cleveland- The Panthers aren’t good at home, aren’t good on the road, aren’t good anywhere really. I mean poor John Fox in his last year and the team is in shambles for him, they don’t want to do anything to help him cause well let’s face it there is no reason to. The Browns on the other hand I believe have officially saved Mangini, and the way they have been playing each week has really impressed me even when Hillis isn’t on fire. I will easily take the Browns here.

Minnesota V. Washington- Well finally Childress is fired, now if they can only bench Favre. I know a lot of people are saying what’s the point. But the point is he’s not winning the games why not throw Jackson in? Well, at least Mcnabb and company have some motivation coming into this they are still technically in it! I really think it’s the Skins’ here.

Kansas City V. Seattle- The Chiefs have been struggling to recapture that fire they had at the beginning of the year. But in order to keep the Chargers off their tails they are in must win mode. The Hawks on the other hand are winning their division with .500 so really they could lose and still technically be winning their division. I like the Chiefs when at home but they have been struggling on the road. Where usually the Hawks are unstoppable at home. Oh it’s so hard, cause both teams are so back and forth. Ok I will give the Hawks home field with total hesitance.

Miami V. Oakland- The Fins still haven’t said if Henne will be back or not this week which to me means he won’t be. If that’s the case they will have to rely on Thigpen again going into the black hole. I don’t like his chances. I really hope Seymour will be more comfy at home and won’t punch anyone. The Raider just like with the Chiefs really need to win in order to stay in it with what the Chargers are known for. But I think they will take this one against an ailing Fins team. Go Raiders!

Philadelphia V. Chicago- The Eagles showed last week that they don’t need Vick to do everything in order to win. The Bears also showed that they can have Cutler almost collapse and still win. However, I think the Bears was more due to the fact that the Fins played horribly. The Eagles are the real deal here, I am taking them!

St. Louis V. Denver- The Rams have some really great things going the only problem is they can’t seem to get it together on the road enough. The Broncos on the other hand are on a roller coaster of unpredictability. It’s hard to guess what will happen here. But I like the young Rams team and I will take them even on the road.

Tampa Bay V. Baltimore- The Bucs want to be a contender but they haven’t really played teams that are contenders. This is one challenge that if they want to prove themselves. They are good against bad teams and have a soft schedule this year. The Ravens on the other hand have to keep pace with the Steelers. Currently they hold first place solely based on their win against them. If they want to stay on top they need to keep winning. I think it won’t be a problem here. Ravens all the way.

San Diego V. Indianapolis- This is the last big test for the Chargers besides the rest of their divisional play. If they don’t win here luckily for them it does get easier. The Colts on the other hand need to win here to make sure the Jags don’t get the upper hand. They have a lot of divisional play coming up and as this season has shown they aren’t doing so well in that category. The Colts are undefeated at home and I think they will stay that way.

San Francisco V. Arizona- The Cardinals are a crashing team, but the Niners don’t seem to care. So in reality this one could end up in a 0-0 tie. The funny thing is they are both very much in the playoff race because no one seems to want it in this division. I will take the Niners, mainly based on having Gore on my fantasy and hope that he has a big game. But in reality this is a waste of MNF!

{November 23, 2010}   Week 11 Wrap-Up-Who is #1?

Chicago V. Miami- Not the prettiest game, but Da Bears get it done. Cutler still needs so much help at this point and thank god for their running game and defense. The Fins need someone else at the helm, however I think its too late entering week 12 with two team ahead of them in the east.

Baltimore V. Carolina- Priority one for Coach Harbaugh, BALL CONTROL! 4 fumbles? Just sloppy, if they were playing anyone but the Panthers they probably would have lost the game. I think the Ravens are falling a little bit and they have not time to if they want to win their division. The Panthers on the other hand, hmmmm…..positive……Goodson ran good.

Buffalo V. Cincinnati- Wow is all I can really say about this one. I wanted to pick the Bills but I though there’s no way that the Bengals are going to collapse against the Bills. But Fitzpatrick and his creep civil war look led his troops to victory. Steve Johnson went crazy and said “Why so Serious?” please don’t play into TO and Ocho! But then again it must of burned a little bit to have the Joker come in and beat Batman and Robin. I said it before and I will say it again when are we going to see baby Palmer play? I am tired of Carson and his mistakes.

Detroit V. Dallas- The Cowboys win, and you would think it was the superbowl! They beat a Lions team that haven’t won a road game in I don’t know a decade? So calm down Cowboy fans I wouldn’t get too excited this is only win #3! The Lions tried their best, but at least they know they’re still rebuilding. Oh and PS, if you are going to have long hair you can be grabbed by it another bad call by the refs!

Cleveland V. Jacksonville- Its really too bad that the Browns couldn’t capitalize on some costly mistakes the Jags had minus MJD surrgence. Hillis couldn’t get his running game going though and that hurt them. But MJD was finally the unstoppable player we all know he can be. The Jags needed this win especially since the Titans ended up losing.

Arizona V. Kansas City – The Chiefs needed this win but looking at the 1st quarter it was a little scary to be honest. The Chiefs have to keep winning in order to hold the Charger at bay. The Cardinals sadly are still in it all cause everyone else lost!

Green Bay V. Minnesota- The Pack is finally starting to look like a team that can go to the playoffs and win. The combo of Rodgers and Jennings looked good, but then again I think the Vikings are all around already defeated!

Houston V. New York Jets- How many last minute wins can the Jets come away with? That was really unexpected less than a minute left and they pull it together. But for the Texans that was the nail in the coffin, a team with so much talent but can’t get it together. I think its time for Kubiak to go!

Oakland V. Pittsburgh- The Raiders can say they were on the top of their division for a little while. They played awful against the Steelers. It was like a totally new team took over and stopped playing altogether! Then again Polamalu finally played like he did before the injury last year and looked great. However even though sometimes I want to hit Rothlisberger, it really didn’t help morale when Seymour actually did. The Raider need to stop actung like the Raiders and get back to winning.

Washington V. Tennessee- Time management is why the Skins’ took this one in my opinion. They controlled the ball when they had it so that the titans needed to get things done. The Titans did suffer another injury plus hissy fit by Vince Young. I do know Jag fans were happy to see them go down……wait do the Jags actually have fans? The Skins keep themselves in the hunt but probably not for long.

Seattle V. New Orleans- Its easy for the Saints to look like superbowl champs against the Hawks. It wasn’t so much the Hawks looked bad either, its just that they are JV compared to the Saints. Brees made mistakes but there was nothing the Hawks could do to capitalize. But the Saints have two teams in their division that want to make sure they don’t repeat in the superbowl.

Tampa Bay V. San Francisco- If the Bucs make the playoffs then Morrison deserves coach of the year, how he has turned around this team is nothing short of a miracle. The problem is just like the Saints they have two teams that would love to see them go down. I don’t know if this is their year with the way the Falcons have been looking but they have to be excited for what’s to come. On the other hand, I sadly think its time to let Singletary go this year and try something new in the bay.

Atlanta V. St. Louis- I still don’t think people are hearing the Falcons, they are acknowledging the wins but not the skill. I still think they are playing the best ball in the NFC. But let them quietly sneak in and get their due. The Rams on the other hand are still in the chase as everyone lost in the NFC West now the question is will the winner of this division be under .500?

Indianapolis V. New England- I hate being right about the Pats winning, but they made the right choice this year to punt and not that dumb 4th and 2 call that Belachik defended to the death last year. The Colts did what they could do to almost even it up, but Dungy said it best “Peyton won’t settle for field goals”. But that’s what hurt them.

New York Giants V. Philadelphia- Vick needs to stop trying to be everything to everyone. He’s a quarterback, not every defense you play against can you move like you have. But besides that the Eagles were able to pull it out with making Eli make a lot of mistakes which seems to be their weak point every other week. The Giants do have a lot going for them but sloppy play hurts them. The Eagles can now say they are the team to beat in the NFC East!

Denver V. San Diego- Everyone expected the Chargers to win, that’s not surprising. But I do have to say the fact they did it with Rivers only having 233yds is pretty good. I know that a lot of commentators are calling the Chargers to make there normal Nov/Dec come back. They have to get through Indy next week then some interdivisional play. They definitely can make it to the playoffs but I wouldn’t count the Raiders and Chiefs out yet either. The Broncos just can’t get things together and Mcdaniels is in danger.

Chicago V. Miami- I know that the Bears are technically leading their division right now but they are the most likely right now to fall down. Cutler can’t stop throwing picks and the O-line can’t protect him. On the other hand the Fins are losing people to injury, and have a hard time winning at home. I think this might be a very boring game a lot of back and forth blahness. This is a hard one. hmmmmm……..I don’t trust Thigpen so I will say the Bears.

Baltimore V. Carolina- The Ravens did lose last week to a good team, but the Panthers are a bad team playing their 4th or 10th running back and quarterback of the year. I think the Ravens will take it out on them and get back up from a close loss.

Buffalo V. Cincinnati- The Bills got their first win, I just don’t know what to expect this week though. The Bengals have been unable to connect in any game. I wouldn’t put it past the Bills to win this one but I will call the Bengals.

Detroit V. Dallas- The Lions are horrible on the road, and the Cowboys seemed rejuvinated last week. But I don’t know if all their problems are solved. I think they might go into this a little cocky thinking that they are now fixed. So I will call the Lions with their first win on the road in a very long time.

Cleveland V. Jacksonville- The Browns are up and the Jags got lucky last week. I like pizzaz the Browns have been playing with, I just don’t know how much they actually can continue having. The Jags have the same problem however if they don’t keep winning they could fall back quickly in a competitve division. I will pick the Browns on this.

Arizona V. Kansas City – The Chiefs seem to be on a skid as of late, however they are still undefeated at home. The Cardinals seem to have talent just wasting away on their team. I really think the Chiefs will be able to put things together at home and take care of this.

Green Bay V. Minnesota- You have to love these match ups, I think the Packers coming off their bye week will be able to handle the broken down Vikings even if Sidney Rice comes back. The Vikings are broken and I don’t think nothing they can do will fix it at all.

Houston V. New York Jets- The Texans have a powerful runner in Foster but Schaub has been up and down. An emergency trip to the hospital for him doesn’t help the cause. While Sanchez keeps maturing in every game and the Jets have been really starting to connect. I think the Jets pull this one off.

Oakland V. Pittsburgh- The Steelers have shown some weakness the last few weeks, while the Raiders coming off their bye now hold the tie breaker in the AFC west. The Raiders really need come out and hammer down on the Steelers if they want to be taken seriously. However I don’t know if they can work their magic on the east coast and against the steel curtain. I will take the Steelers in this.

Washington V. Tennessee- These are another two teams where every win counts. Neither looked their best last week. However I think the Titans have the better tools to put out there. The Skins’ had a streak of time where they seemed to really have a chance but I think they will find themselves losing a lot more games. I will take the Titans in this one.

Seattle V. New Orleans- The Hawks pulled it out last week against a sad Cardinals team. The Saints are coming off their bye, and get to play at home. I think being at home and the Hawks really not playing as well as last week showed. I will take the Saints in this one.

Tampa Bay V. San Francisco- The Bucs want to be taken seriously but there are so many other teams that do to like the Niners. The Niners are starting to come up in their weak division and every win is extremely important to them. The Bucs are in a division that has two teams that currently ahead of them. This is important for both, but I think the Niners really have something going on with them and they will be near the top of their division in no time. I will call the Niners here.

Atlanta V. St. Louis- The Falcons are the best team in the NFC in my opinion. I have been speaking about them for a while now and I like how they played last week. The Rams are still fighting for position, however I don’t see it coming against the Falcons this week. I will take the Falcons.

Indianapolis V. New England- This is a great rivalry that I have enjoyed watching for years. The problem for Peyton is Brady is on one of his rolls at home. It will be a difficult game for the Colts to win on the road. Its hard to really pick here but I will go for the home team and pick the Pats.

New York Giants V. Philadelphia- If Vick can lift the Eagles like he did last week then the Eagles may be unstoppable. The Giants on the other hand got a reality check from the Cowboys last week. Like I always say with interdivisional play anything can happen. But I really like the way the Eagles are playing.  

Denver V. San Diego- The Broncos surprised a lot of people last week with their scoring craze. However the Chargers seem to be doing their normal upswing in November and being at home does help. They are one game away from possibly tying for the lead in the division. I don’t believe that the Broncos can duplicate last week, and I will take the Chargers in this.

{November 14, 2010}   Week 10-Better late than never

Forgot to Post this before Thursday, but I did pick the Falcons

BYE week-New Orleans, Green Bay, San Diego, Oakland

Baltimore Vs. Atlanta- This could be a very interesting game, Both teams have something to prove to not only their divisions but a conference as a whole. I have said it all season, I like the Falcons. But this could go either way. I will call the Falcons but wouldn’t be surprised to see the Ravens win it.

Detroit Vs. Buffalo- I think the Bills are on the verge of their first win, I know Detroit has been playing well but I think the Bills at home will help them out and they will see their first win here.

Minnesota Vs. Chicago- Both teams are not doing well, the Bears started out great but have been going down since. If the Bears can’t protect Cutler, and if he can’t protect himself the Vikings could be all over them. Interdivisional is hard to call, but the Bears are at home. So I will reluctantly go for them.

New York Jets Vs. Cleveland- The twins go at it, Rex V. Rob. I like the way the Browns have been playing, and the Jets haven’t looked good since the BYE. But the Jets defense is much better than the Patriots. So I don’t expect Hillis to be able to pull it over on them. If Sanchez can get into the swing of things early like he did at the end of the game versus the Lions, I am calling the Jets.

Cincinnati Vs. Indianapolis- The Colts are beat up with injuries, but the Bengals can’t seem to get things together. I think their the Owenscinco combo is paying too much attention to themselves then the game. I am not going to bet against Manning, he always finds a way.

Houston Vs. Jacksonville- This is an important game for both teams trying to find their way into the postseason. The AFC south is truly competitive for the first time in years. Its anyones division, and whoever loses this one will find themselves slowly putting themselves in reverse. I really believe that the Texans have a great team they just aren’t consistent, where the Jags still haven’t exploded with MJD. I am going to go with the Texans on this one.

Tennessee Vs. Miami- If the Fins want to keep up with the rest of the AFC they have to win this one. The Fins however have been horrible at home while the Titans are trying to keep up with the Colts. I think the Titans need to come out swinging and I believe that they can against the Fins at home. I am taking the Titans.

Carolina Vs. Tampa Bay- The Panthers should just lose the rest of their games to get a good draft pick, there is nothing going well for them right now. The Bucs on the other hand have a lot to be proud of and I believe an interdivisional win will come to them here.

Kansas City Vs. Denver- The Broncos have lost a lot of battles this year, Mcdaniels really should start to worry. They need this win to save face. However, the Chiefs have been looking good and they are trying to create one of the best turn arounds we have seen in a while. They need to win as well to keep the Chargers at bay.

Seattle Vs. Arizona- Two bad teams that still have very much alive playoff hopes. The Seahawks seem to have collapsed the last few games, while the Cards are getting pretty lucky with the wins they have had. Whoever wins if the Rams lose will take small control of the NFC west. I will take the Hawks barely in this one.

Dallas Vs. New York Giants- New coach? Who cares? The Giants take this period.

St Louis Vs. San Francisco- This game is do or die for the Niners. If they don’t win here their playoff hopes get a little bit smaller. The Rams are also trying to prove they’re not the same old team that has been in the bottom for the last few years. I am going with the Niners as it is crucial for them to win this and I think they will show it.

New England Vs. Pittsburgh- The Patriots have a tough couple of weeks coming starting here, I don’t think they expected to come into Heinz field with a loss to the Browns. The Steelers have struggled a little bit the last couple of weeks but they are comfortable at home. I will take the Steelers in this one.

Philadelphia Vs. Washington- Here we go again…….Skins took the last game but Kolb was the main player. I think the Skins have a lot of issues going on internally that they won’t be able to come out and take the series. I like the Eagles in this one.

BYES: Broncos, Jaguars, 49ers, Rams, Titans, Redskins

New York Jets V. Detroit- There are so many things I could say about this game. The Lions had control but lost it at the end and showed how young of a team they are. Sanchez on the other hand looked like a vet at the end of the game leading the Jets to 10 points in the last 3 minutes of regulation. I think Stafford is way too injury prone for them to rely on him. But when it comes to it the Jets got lucky today. Suh kicking was hilarious though!

Miami V. Baltimore- The Ravens took the top receivers out of the game for Miami. Marshall and Bess were well covered all game. The Ravens however should look at how they play in the red zone as they had some sloppy play and couldn’t finish drives. Rice is still the favorite but not in the red zone maybe they need to get the ball to him!

New England V. Cleveland- I expected the Browns to score but I didn’t expect them to walk all over the Pats. Even though I didn’t see the game, it was so enjoyable to see all the updates. Another crazy kicking thing Welker kicks the extra point! Can’t the punter kick a frickin extra point? Welker made it but that didn’t help the cause. The Pats just looked bad, and Hillis proved he should be taken seriously!

San Diego V. Houston- The Texans defense will remember this name Seyi Ajirotutu. Who is that you ask? I was asking the same thing. Rookie from Fresno State, over half of his yards so far this year came from his catches today. Apparently they didn’t need Gates or Floyd this week, they have tutu. That’s what I will call him cause I have no idea how to pronounce that! Foster did his part and kept the Texans in the game. But the problem for them is Schaub who can’t be consistent this year. I really don’t like Kubiak and how he keeps trying to get Ward in the mix its not working. The Chargers keep themselves in the AFC west race, while the Texans put themselves down a notch.

Chicago V. Buffalo- So the Bills didn’t win but the Bears winning by 3 isn’t impressive either. This was definitely the Bills ruining the fun for themselves. Oh and why again are we playing in Toronto? Blah! Cutler only got sacked once, but he also fumbled. The Bills will get a win some day this year. I think.

Arizona V. Minnesota- Could this game be any weirder? Favre throws for 446yds! But they have to go to OT to win the game. When one looks at the Cards offensive stats it’s hard to see how they win games. But some how they have a great special teams. We shall see if the Vikings are keeping themselves in it or not.

Tampa Bay V. Atlanta- The Bucs made it close, but the Falcons finished it off by stopping a run by Blount. I like the Bucs, but like the Lions and Rams they are a young team that needs more time to fully come to maturity. The Falcons have had that time already and proved that understated is the way for them. Turner turned it out, but Roddy was kept quiet. If they see a superbowl in the future they need both sides of the offense to function. People forget that this is Freeman’s second year, he has plenty of room and time to grow!

New Orleans V. Carolina- I thought things couldn’t get worse for the Panthers, then they did. So Williams is out already then in the 1st half alone Stewart and Moore goes out. It was another just horrible game for the Panthers their 3rd QB Pike came in, who’s that you ask? A rookie out of Cinci, but he didn’t do anything either. The Saints didn’t really have to try in order to win this one but win they did. They weren’t spectacular they just got the job done.

New York Giants V. Seattle- The Hawks made the Giants look like the best team in the league. I don’t buy it cause the Hawks are just awful right now. So bad I am calling the Rams right now for the NFC west winners. Whitehurst didn’t play well and I don’t expect him to be the heir apparent for an aging Hasselbeck. Manning did make it look easy though, but the NFC is weak and I don’t know if they would be as good against the AFC.

Indianapolis V. Philadelphia- Like I said the Colts couldn’t get lucky forever. The injuries finally added up with Collie being added to the list. They are hurting and the Eagles really came out and played. However, Vick needs to stop running the ball so much. This is how he hurt himself last time. There is a reason Mccoy plays he’s the RUNNING back! I think Vick just has to be the center of attention. But they did get the win and that’s what counts. The Colts on the other hand have a lot of problems going on, I do like their new pretty blue helmets!

Kansas City V. Oakland- The Chiefs had a chance to take another step up and away from the Raiders and the Chargers. But it was not to be. The usually dominant running game couldn’t get anywhere against the Raiders. The Chiefs looked like they had this until the 2nd half started with a Raiders TD, then a Chiefs fumble. The Raiders aren’t playing they are taking themselves seriousl and think everyone else should too!

Dallas V. Green Bay- The Cowboys were so bad that less than 24 hours later Phillips was finally fired, but I don’t think their woes are even close to over. The Pack however are coming back together after a season filled with injuries now if they can play this way against everyone!

Pittsburgh V. Cincinnati- the steelers squeaked by in this but stilled showed to me that they still have the most complete team and are dangerous in the AFC! The Bengals on the other hand still can’t get it together. It’s hard to see a team with so much potential it just doesn’t get it together at least not in time for this season.

 Things are getting interesting, some teams can no longer rely on the end of the year play. So many close division every win and every loss counts!

BYES: Broncos, Jaguars, 49ers, Rams, Titans, Redskins

New York Jets V. Detroit- The Lions have been doing some good things as of late, however I don’t think Stafford is ready for gang green’s defense. I see Rex Ryan going after the young kid blitz a blazing! If Sanchez can get it together with their running game I can see the Jets taking this one, but right now I wouldn’t doubt the Lions. But I will take the Jets.

Miami V. Baltimore- Now this could be interesting as the Fins are fighting to stay in the race. But the Ravens are a team that I think could still go all the way. If they can get Rice going this will be no contest but they need both sides of the ball to be very aware of whats going on here. But even with that I will take the Ravens in this one.

New England V. Cleveland- The Patriots are of course are now being  touted as the best team in the league, but after this week we will see what happens. They may be playing the Browns, but after this comes two of the top teams in the AFC, Steelers and Colts. So I will give them this one, but I would make sure they make a statement. The Browns might be able to score though as I am still not convinced with the Pats defense.

San Diego V. Houston- This is an important game for both teams! This could be the beginning of a playoff run or the end. The Chargers are in a division that is usually so week it doesn’t matter how bad they start but this year there is way too much competition for them not to be worried with this game. The Texans have to worry as well as all teams in their division are still very much in the picture. If Kubiak cuts the leash off of Foster from the start I like the Texans! But I can’t count out the Chargers either. So I will take the Texans though.

Chicago V. Buffalo- Da Bears fans are going to hate me, but I like what I have seen out of the Bills the last few weeks. You heard it here first, this is where the Bills get their first win. The Bears offense hasn’t looked good and they can’t protect Cutler. It will be embarrassing but I like the Bills.

Arizona V. Minnesota- Oh geez, I don’t even know what to say here. I think both of these teams have given up. Its obvious the Vikes can’t rely on Peterson to win for them anymore. But then again all the Cards wins have come off of turnovers and such. This one is difficult as I think they’re both bad. I will take the Vikings, maybe their D will finally break out a little more.

Tampa Bay V. Atlanta- This could be very interesting. Inter-divisional matchups are always fun and these two teams are in a 3 way tie basically in the NFC South. I really like how the Bucs have been playing and they have such a great young team, however I really like the Falcons in the NFC right now. I am not going to bail out of this one, but with IDM anything can happen. But I will give the Falcons the edge at home.

New Orleans V. Carolina- Heck if the Saints play like they did last weekend they will have this one, but if they played like they did against the Browns I would be very worried. Lucky for them the Panthers have no idea what they’re doing anymore. They will have a lot of changes this off-season and start rebuilding. I like the Saints in this one.

New York Giants V. Seattle- I always like to go against the Giants, but they are pulling things off as of late. Plus I really want to see the Hawks lose! Mainly because I want to see the Rams win the division. The Hawks looks sloppy but they do play well at home, and the Giants seem to have a different weakness every week. I will take the Giants thought but an elbow to Eli’s face would be nice……sometimes I really should keep what I think inside my head! HA!

Indianapolis V. Philadelphia- The Texans couldn’t capitalize on the injury plagued Colts, can the Eagles? Vick will be back starting and he says he’s going to be smarter about his plays this time. I don’t really want to go against Manning but I think Vick can rejuvenate the Eagles and make them a better team who really needs a win to keep up with the Giants. I am going to go the opposite of most and pick the Eagles!

Kansas City V. Oakland- Who would have thought that this would be the best game of the week? These two formerly horrible teams are knocking on the playoffs door. I think these two teams are very evenly matched up, their defense can make plays as well as their running games have been coming out. They both also have pretty mediocre QB’s. I am going to call the Raiders in this one, I like how they’re playing and this one is for my grandma!

Dallas V. Green Bay- I don’t think the Cowboys can win a coin toss let alone a game. They look so broke down that I don’t think anything will help. Even though the Packers have had their injury issues they have worked around it and are still a great team. This old rivalry probably won’t turn into a good game. The Pack all the way!

Pittsburgh V. Cincinnati- Hmmm, this is hard as the Bengals have always been the thorn in the AFC North’s side. They are good at interdivisonal play, but the Steeler are coming of an awakening loss. Its up in the air really, cause either team could take this one. I am going to give it to the defense and pick the Steelers!

I don’t think I can predict at this moment who is even going to make the playoffs at this half way point! It’s a constantly turning table, and I think there will be lots of surprises!

BYE’s: Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Browns, Giants, Eagles

Denver V. San Francisco- Apparently when you get the Niners out of the country they all the sudden know how to play American football! It took another QB by the name of Smith to do it, but I would hand the game ball to Gore who looked like the running back that his stats seem to say he is. The Broncos need to stop trying to have a running game, its not working for them. Except when Tebow is on the 1 yd line. The Broncos just don’t look good even though they have a QB throwing the 2nd most yards so far this year.

Jacksonville V. Dallas- Well no surprise nothing came from the Cowboys as I think their whole morale is gone. But Kitna’s 4 INT sure didn’t help. The Jags however I think looked the best they have all season. Not only did Garrard come back looking great but MJD finally started making some strides in it.

Miami V. Cincinnati- The Bengals came out swinging but carried that momentum straight into the locker room at half time and apparently left it there. Its not like the Fins dominated as they only ended up with 1 TD, but they were persistent in their attempts and 5 field goals gave them the win.

Buffalo V. Kansas City- Two weeks in a row the Bills come thisclose to their first win. I think the Bills are on the brink and I think the hurting Bears need to watch out next week. The Chiefs on the other hand again showed their strong suit with a 200+ running game between Charles and Jones. I think the Chiefs need to watch out for the Raiders though next week they have been coming out strong.

Washington V. Detroit- Stafford’s finally back and in a big way. 4 TD’s, with 3 of them going to Calvin Johnson really made an impact. I don’t think benching Mcnabb did anything for the Skins’ it made it worse. Mcnabb was the top rusher for the Skins’ and that’s a problem all of its own. The Lions are moving up though, but the Skin’s can’t lose games like this in order to be taken seriously.

Carolina V. St. Louis- The Panthers showed how bad they are even with their one win. I knew Moore was a one week freak! The Panthers will have a new coach and a veteran QB next year guaranteed! The Rams on the other hand have the offensive rookie of the year and their 4th straight home win! You gotta like this young Rams team!

Green Bay V. New York Jets- Words cannot describe how boring and stupid this game was. I don’t understand how you can’t challenge those 2 INT, as each time the Jets caught it and then the defender grabbed it and tie goes to the receiver. Yes, I am bitter! At least the defense till did what they could to stop the Pack’s offense. Both teams didn’t look good, I think they both have much greater potential!

Tennessee V. San Diego- Britt was out after like the 1st minute and the Titans offense couldn’t seem to get going. While, CJ had some nice moves, the Chargers decided to step it up. Too bad it was the same time the Chiefs and Raiders win as well. The Titans can’t lose like this when they are in such a tough division.

Minnesota V. New England- I know that everyone will place the Patriots as #1 now, the brightest side for them is they may finally have a running game with Green-Ellis. They are doing their quiet creeper again with no names. However the Vikings seem to have given up, as they started Favre and cut Moss. They’re done!

Tampa Bay V. Arizona- The Bucs are another young  team I really like, I wouldn’t be surprise to see them with the Lions and Rams moving on up in the NFC. Blount had a breakthrough game and Freeman looked good as well. The Cards on the other hand were lucky to keep it so close with as many errors as the had. 4 INT between 2 QB’s, I bet they aren’t voting for Warner on Dancing with the stars.  

Seattle V. Oakland- Wow, Tom Cable will probably keep his job now with how scary the Raiders have been looking. Campbell and Heyward-Bey connected and finally got the latter going. In addition, Mcfadden and Bush seem to be a great team. I love the way the Raiders are playing right now and in a weak division anything’s possible. The Seahawks should be worried, there is way too much going the Rams way that they can totally take this division from the Hawks!

Pittsburgh V. New Orleans- I guess I should have listened to myself, New Orleans + Halloween equals Saints win! They needed it though in a division that is getting very crowded with the Bucs coming up. The Steelers on the other hand could afford this loss, Big Ben just looked rusty though. They just couldn’t complete anything.

Houston V. Indianapolis- WOW! I can’t believe that the Texans couldn’t capitalize on a very broken down Colts team. I think Kubiak needs to be fired, he keeps holding Foster back and putting in Ward which isn’t doing anything for them. Once Foster gets in he tears it up, I don’t know why Kubiak has a problem with him. But then again, you really can’t expect Manning to do poorly at home regardless who’s in there.

et cetera