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Panthers V. Bears-  The Bears barely won this one, but they were saved by their running game. Forte ran for 200+ yds and Hester was able to hold the crown of probably the best returner in the history of the game. While Cutler was pretty invisible at least only getting 1 sack and 1 INT. The Panthers are rebuilding and Cam needed to see a defense like this one. He threw for almost 400yds again and still looking like ROY.

Bills V. Bengals- Its not like FitzP was flawed, but Freddie J couldn’t get moving which has been the big support of the offense. It just showed that the Bengals defense is actually pretty good despite their offensive issues. I think the Bills had to lose eventually to get things leveled….you can’t get too cocky in this league! The Bengals are showing a little glimpse of hope but I wouldn’t get to excited Bengals fans.

Titans V. Browns– I have not doubted Hasselbecks ability to play the game, I have doubted his ability to stay healthy. He’s a good veteran QB that Locker will benefit from. But what they have really need is starting to come out and that is CJ running the ball. He didn’t get a TD but he finally hit 100yds. The Browns stayed in there despite Hillis barely showing up. I think the Titans could have a playoff chance at this point in the season.

Lions V. Cowboys- The Cowboys need to learn how to finish games are to only show up in the 2nd half. They win when they come from behind but can’t hold on to a lead once they start from one. The Lions had their 5th straight road win, which is better than the last time they were is big D with their 26th straight road loss. Stafford didn’t play his best but lucky for him he has Cool Cal in the end zone to just put his hands up. Oh and it did help that Romo threw 3 picks.

Steelers V. Texans- Its about time I can say that the Texans are who I thought they were. Foster proved that his hamstring will not restrict his season and that he is the player he was last year making the Steel Curtain look like matador’s muleta to attract Foster to run at them. The Steelers have a lot of issues right now and look nothing like last years Superbowl team.

Saints V. Jaguars- Brees wasn’t clean, but he got the job done. While the Jags are still having their own issues, they need a vet QB behind Gabbert to help him through. MJD is being restricted and hasn’t seen the goal line much. The Jags are in for a long season. The Saints just had a messy week, I think that its just an odd week for them.

Vikings V. Chiefs- The Vikings are having good numbers in general but they just can’t seem to get anything going. McNabb is getting the blame but in reality there isn’t much he’s doing wrong that would explain the reasons why they are 0-4. Their defense has given up points every week when the Vikes have been leading. The Chiefs on the other hand actually looked much cleaner this week and Cassel looked a little bit better. But there is still no running game. Its going to be a rough year for both squads.

Niners V. Eagles- This game seemed to be over at halftime. But little by little Gore and Co. started to break out. The Niners are probably my surprise of the year. When all seemed to be leaning towards a Luck draft they may be the ones to win the NFC West and make the playoffs for the first time since 2002. The Eagles are slowly fading to the background and I have to say that to me this loss rests on Vick.

Redskins V. Rams- This was an all Skins game until the 4th quarter. I think the glaring holes in the Rams roster are killing them this year. I still do not understand with the cap room they had why the Rams did not get a big name receiver in this years free agency. Jackson is great but he is not a jack of all trades. He is a true Running back that is good on the ground. The Skins were ugly in this win with 3 fumbles and 2 INT’s, but the Rams offense couldn’t get anywhere on this. Can Lombardi’s prediction of Skins winning the division come true?

Giants V. Cardinals- This was the big issue game of the week. The Giants got lucky with the Cruz call, and the Cardinals suffered because of it. I still like the Cards for some reason and they have a lot of things going for them including Beanie Wells. Their defense may need to be a little more agressive but they have a big future with Kolb. The Giants are benefiting from their division.

Falcons V. Seahawks- Matt Ryan was starting off the way I thought he would all season. He was strong and authoritative and got the ball moving. Julio Jones is still looking good but has yet to get his first TD, I bet he is just waiting for that ball. The second half the defense started to weaken and the Seahawks were given the ability to catch up. The Seahawks have a lot of issues but they were able to get it together in the 2nd half. A weak division always helps.

Broncos V. Packers- There isn’t much to say about this game except for the fact that the Packers are out for a back to back Superbowl. They want everyone to know that they are the team to beat and are proving it. The Broncos are skating on thin ice right now with their fans, I think if they don’t at least try Tebow soon there may be riots.

Patriots V. Raiders- Mcfadden was slowed down and Campbell was sloppy. The Patriots did what they need to which was be clean and stay dominant so people would forget last week. The Raiders still have a very good chance to be able to win their division at this point since the Chargers are playing a little sloppy.  

Dolphins V. Chargers- The Chargers were clean but Matthews wasn’t as dominant, there is a lot things however that the Chargers need to change if they are expected to win the division. I have yet to see a game where the Chargers have impressed me. The Fins season keeps getting worse after the loss of Henne I am not sure where they will go from here. I don’t think Sparano will make it the season.

Jets V. Ravens- Both teams offenses played bad but the Ravens defense played a little bit better. It was a ridiculous amount of return TD’s. The Ravens are a playoff team, and I still think they are this years Superbowl team, but Flacco needs to be much cleaner and consistent. The Jets on the other hand probably will not be able to recover next week and will need their BYE week to figure things out.

Colts V. Buccaneers- I know that he’s not Manning and I know that they didn’t win, but Colts fans had to be a little hopeful in Monday nights performance. They came out firing and were almost able to capitalize on a slow starting Bucs. But then Blount came out swinging, the Bucs suffer from being in a tough division but give them a couple of years and I see good things.


{September 30, 2011}   Week 4 Picks and Predictions

This week for some is make or break for the season with the competition within their division fierce, I am looking at you Miami and Minnesota. Some are looking to get their groove back while others are trying to still get by the skin of their teeth….here’s to another great week!

Panthers V. Bears- The Panthers got their first win in a monsoon of a mess. But Cam looked like a completely different player than he did the first two weeks of play. The Bears on the other hand still are having major issues in their offense and Cutler is looking more like himself running scared from the line. This could be close, but I think that the Bears D will confuse Cam and the Bears win the game.

Bills V. Bengals- The Bills are coming off their biggest high that they have probably felt in years. They finally broke through and beat the Pats. FitzP can be a little cleaner but I was pretty impressed with how their defense was able to better cover than the last two matchups. The Bengals on the other hand of some issues on horizon with Benson’s suspension. Nothing seems to go right for them since their win in week one. I will take the Bills is this one.

Titans V. Browns– I believe that CJ has to break out at some point. Could this be the week? The Browns are playing pretty mediocre but were able to win without Hillis last week. However, Hasselbeck is actually doing fairly well in Tennessee but their star WR is out for the season. I have to go with the Titans cause even with CJ being less of an impact they have still been impressing.

Lions V. Cowboys- The two Cowboy wins have not been spectacular and have both been come from behind victories. In fact the only time that they have been leading they lost the game. The squad is still not 100% healthy, even Bryant said he wasn’t ready but he couldn’t sit out if Romo was playing with broken ribs. The Lions had some dominance but also had comebacks as well. I think a lot of people are surprised by their 3-0 start, I however am not one of them. I know they are an up and coming team and I think that they have the skills to beat the Cowboys especially when the Boys are not at 100%. I think that Stafford will be tested but I think Romo will run scared. Lions in this one.

Steelers V. Texans- Both teams are 2-1 even though the Texans have had the more dominant games. The Steelers almost lost one to a lowly Colts team, they have not been the dominant team. The Texans have finally found a defense that works for them and they made Brees run around a lot and make mistakes last week. Big Ben is no Brees, I think that the Texans have the talent. This will be a win among many to prove they should be taken seriously.

Saints V. Jaguars- The Saints narrowly escaped last week and the Jags aren’t able to get anything together. The Jags have some growing pains to get through, but more importantly MJD needs to make some TD’s. The Saints have been showing good form since their week 1 loss even though Brees had some issues last week throwing 2 picks. I think that the Saints are remaking themselves to be a threat in the NFC and I like the way they have been flowing which makes this pick easy. Who Dat?

Vikings V. Chiefs- Two 0-3 teams that have had some successes in the last few years, but are off to a rough start. The Chiefs key injuries seem to have really affected their play, although they showed some life last week. The Vikings have been going strong but seem to collapse in the 2nd half which has really affected their momentum. One team has to win and I think that its the Vikings.

Niners V. Eagles- Who would have thought the Niners would be the 2-1 team and the Eagles would be 1-2. I am not happy with the Vick talk about how he’s not getting flags when he should be more worried about taking care of himself. He puts himself into injury prone situations. The Niners haven’t been perfect, but they have been able to put up wins. I think that there is a lot of what if’s in this. But I like Mccoy more than Gore at this point. So I will go with the Eagles.

Redskins V. Rams- The Rams haven’t been at all what was expected but they have also had a tough first 3 weeks. I am not sure how Jackson is feeling but without him it could be a rough game. The Skins defense has vastly improved over last year and that can be the big motivator for a struggling offense still trying to find its groove. I am not sure on where things will go here as both teams are being built up. But if Jackson is healthy I think that Grossman will make enough mistakes that the Rams get there first win.

Giants V. Cardinals- This is one of those games that I am unsure of both teams and their abilities. The Giants look much better week by week where the Cardinals have had some tough close losses. I think that the Giants have the experience and rhythm with each other where the Cardinals are just starting to grow. This could go either way and I don’t know why I like Kolb so much but I am going to pick the Cardinals.

Falcons V. Seahawks- If the Falcons can’t win this one then they have major issues.

Broncos V. Packers- I want to say that the Packers have had an easy schedule but in reality they have just made it look easy so far this year. The Broncos aren’t really sure what they are yet a passing or a running game plus you have the issue of their hurting defense. I don’t think there is any question that the Pack will get this done at home.

Patriots V. Raiders- The only thing that will make this close is if the Pats defense can’t stop Mcfadden. We all know that Brady can’t stand to lose and usually puts a hurting on the next team. I just don’t know what I truly see with the Raiders but I can’t really go against the Pats after a loss. So I pick the Pats.

Dolphins V. Chargers-The Fins are in a must win situation just to save their head coach from the Axe. I am not quite sure how they haven’t put it together yet cause there have been good plays. The Chargers on the other hand are winning but not convincingly enough. They are having the same issues as usual with errors on all sides of the ball. I think that the Chargers pull it out though.

Jets V. Ravens- Such a tough one to call, but what it comes down to is what I have seen so far this season. Even though the Ravens had a tough time against the Titans they are looking like a playoff team. The Jets on the other hand had a rough going last week and have to march into Baltimore and then New England. I think there is a skid coming, it pains me to say but I pick the Ravens.

Colts V. Buccaneers- The Colts actually showed life last week but Collins may not play this week. Another game where the schedulers are shaking their head at. This should have been a match up of the veteran and the up and comer. Well sometimes things don’t work out and barring any big turnovers I think the Bucs will take this one.

{September 28, 2011}   Week 4 Power Rankings
 Packers  1   Last Week:1 
 Definitely taking the lead on best team in the league.
Saints 2    Last Week:6
 Brees was shaky, but he wasn’t about to lose in his house!
Ravens 3   Last Week: 9
 If Flacco can play like that every game, everyone else needs to watch out!
Patriots 4    Last Week:2
 4 INT = Loss
Jets 5   Last Week: 3
 Too confident too early…..two more tough road games ahead.
Lions 6    Last Week:7
  3-0? Lions fans must be dreaming right now!
Bills 7   Last Week:14
Or is it the Bills fans that are dreaming?
Texans 8    Last Week:5
 Can’t be too disappointed in the fight they gave in NO.
Steelers 9   Last Week: 12
Hesistantly raising them up, but the Colts almost had their number.
Chargers 10    Last Week:11
Too close for comfort….but they won.
Buccaneers 11    Last Week:15
Win in the division is a huge win for the Bucs!
Eagles 12    Last Week:8
 Let Vick sit, better to lose him for a week now than weeks later in the season.
Falcons 13    Last Week:6
I do not know what’s going on but for some reason I still believe.
Raiders 14    Last Week:20
 If Mcfadden keeps running then the rest of the AFC West should be worried.
 Cowboys 15    Last Week:17
 An ugly win is still a win….don’t know how much more the injured players can take.
Redskins 16    Last Week:13
I still like what I see and it will be interesting to see who gets the division this year.
Giants 17    Last Week:22
There is some light coming in, and they may be taking charge of the division.
Bears 18    Last Week:10
 Same issues as last year, if you can’t protect your QB you will go no where.
Titans 19    Last Week:19
Winning despite CJ’s complete lack of yards….he needs to breakthrough at some point right?
49ers 20    Last Week:25
Maybe its a little high for them, but with the expectations coming in I am pleasantly surprised!
Panthers 21    Last Week:21
First win and Cam plays bad….not a good pattern to continue.
Cardinals 22    Last Week:16
Something will happen with this franchise….their luck now falls in with the bad NFC West
Browns 23    Last Week:26
Win without Hillis is pretty impressive. Even if its by 1 point.
Broncos 24    Last Week:27
They are keeping pace every game win or lose…that’s the bright side.
Jaguars 25    Last Week:24
MJD just can’t breakthrough, getting the yards but not the TD’s.
Dolphins 26    Last Week:23
Sparano is on thin ice.
Rams 27    Last Week:20
I want them to win, but a 60% Jackson is not going to help anything.
Bengals 28    Last Week:28
Just not working for them, any momentum from week 1 is gone.
Seahawks 29    Last Week:31
They won, but its not because they’re good.
Vikings 30    Last Week:29
If this was based on player AP would be high up, but his team keeps dragging him down.
Colts 31    Last Week:30
Showed barely a spark but they have a tough schedule and its only going to get worse.
Chiefs 32    Last Week:32
Yes they almost beat a flawed Chargers team, but they still aren’t good.

It was an interesting week where the remaining undefeateds are making people turn heads. The Packers were and expected but the Bills and Lions? Its going to be an interesting season as there are a lot of strong 2-1 teams out there as well….it was a crazy week can’t wait for week 4!

Jaguars V. Panthers- If you saw any part of this game you could understand the slow pace of this game. It was monsoon like weather with every tackle splashing water popping up. However, Cam went back down to mere mortal like numbers with only 158yds and a TD. But he is starting to build a rapport with his receivers. Their defense is what helped lead Cam to his first win. They were able to stop MJD despite a good showing. Gabbert didn’t do as well as Jags fans would hope but he sure didn’t look as bad as Mccown.

Lions V. Vikings- The Vikings for the 3rd week in a row gave up a 1st half lead. There is nothing AP can do more than he is doing right now. Unfortunately his defense can’t seem to help out enough to keep the lead. The Lions showed no life in the first half, but quickly picked it up and even took the lead. Stafford showed veteran like qualities with his patience and dividing the passes to four players had 50+ yds. The OT win will help boost their confidence for next weeks road game.

49ers V. Bengals- I was worried for a second with the Bengals at halftime they were up 3-0. It’s not like the Niners came back hard like the Lions did but they did start to get the ball moving. They held on and despite a safety in the 4th there was nothing left in the Bengals and Dalton is beginning to look like a bad choice. But where can they really go from here? I wish there was more to say about this game but it was pretty boring from the start.

Dolphins V. Browns- I was barely wrong about this one, last minute TD put the Browns in the lead. The Fins just can’t seem to get it together for a whole game. Unfortunately for Sparano this may start the countdown for the first coach firing of the year. Its not that they are playing horribly they just can’t seem to work on both sides of the ball. The Browns on the otherhand did well even though they lacked the playmaking skills of Hillis.

Patriots V. Bills- I will take being wrong in this one any day. The thing is that Brady is not a god that everyone makes him out to be. Is he great? Yes! Is he probably one of the best if not the best playing right now in the league? Yes! But he’s human and eventually you will have a bad game and make mistakes. The Bills defense showed that they can play against any offense and make huge plays. FitzP made some mistakes and wasn’t perfect but thankfully for Jackson and the D to help clean it up. But those who have Welker in fantasy can’t be mad he was THE target for Brady with 217 yds.  

Giants V. Eagles- Apparently I foresaw the future with this one. If Kafka doesn’t turn over the ball! But I didn’t think it would be Vick starting and leaving again with a broken hand. Mccoy did what he could but the Giants defense were all over Vick when he was in. Cruz also did a great job with his catches against some big names. The Eagles have a lot to be worried about at this point and they could be blowing this NFC east wide open!

Broncos V. Titans- Chris Johnson is stuck in lala land and Kenny Britt went out hurt but the Titans were still able to pull it off with Hasselbecks experience winning out. The Titans defense were still strong though getting a couple of INTs. Do you hear what I hear? The impatient Tebow fans starting to chant….tebow…..Tebow….TEBOW! I don’t think its time yet…but really it wouldn’t hurt at this point. I am not sure however how many games the Titans can win if CJ is virtually useless.

Texans V. Saints- The Texans had this in their grasp and really made Brees look bad in the first half. However, this is Brees, and this is his house! The Texans shouldn’t be messed with after this loss though. The numbers offensively there even though Tate didn’t have as big of a game. It really came down to the calm and experience of Brees that finished this game up. Its hard to be the Saints in general but even more so at home. However, the Texans is still the favorite in their division.

Jets V. Raiders- The Jets deserved to lose this one, their defense didn’t have an answer for Mcfadden. The bigger problem was Cromartie could not get anything together with four big flags and a huge turnover that changed the momentum of the game. The Raiders weren’t spectacular outside of Mcfadden of course but they really turned up the heat in the second half on defense. Sanchez had good numbers but you could see that with Mangold gone there was a huge gaping hole which halted the running game and sacks galore.

Ravens V. Rams- So which team is the Ravens really? This week saw the dominance of week 1 except for with a crazy new threat in rookie Torrey Smith. Joe Flacco minus some fumbles looked like a new QB when compared to last week. Plus you have to love it when a big man like Ngata runs with the ball. The Rams on the other hand are still hurting with a not quite 100% Jackson, and Bradford is still growing. I honestly have no idea at this point who is going to win their division this year.

Chiefs V. Chargers- The Chiefs actually showed signs of life this week which compared to the first two weeks is big for them. Rivers was not playing his best where Cassel was doing ok before he was picked off with less than a minute to go. Ryan Matthews is finally showing results from the hype of last year. The Chiefs should be a little happy that there is life after Charles, but their running game still needs some work. Where the Chargers need to jump ahead a little earlier than they have been.

Falcons V. Buccaneers- This game was a mess on both sides, both Quarterbacks did not play their best game. Sloppy play and turnovers made this game back and forth. However, somehow the Bucs were able to score where the Falcons had to try and rely on last minute play for the 2nd week in a row. The Falcons running game is pretty much non-existent and is probably the reason for the loss. Both of these QB’s need to clean up if either of them want a playoff spot.

Cardinals V. Seahawks- The Cardinals have had two odd away games where they came so close yet so far. I think you will see the progress over time this season with them. The Seahawks on the other hand had an amazing debut of Sidney Rice, even though I still believe his talent is wasted there. But I think that Kolb will rebound at home next week where the Seahawks are getting their rare win this year.

Packers V. Bears- It was a good day for tight ends today and non more than Finley. Where the troubles in the Bears offense were glaring with their running game minus Cutler equaled only 2 yds. There are a lot of issues for the Bears that us “doubters” knew would carry over and they will not win untill they fix this issue. The Packers on the other hand can now officially be called the best team in the league!

Steelers V. Colts- This is exactly why I didn’t think the Steelers were as good as they were last year. They allowed a running game by Addai and they almost lost to a team that is crumbling. The thing is if the Ravens slip up the Steelers can easily get back in. The Colts on the other hand showed a sliver of light before Collins went out with a concussion. I don’t know if the Colts can win a game this year.

Redskins V. Cowboys– What an unexciting game! But it did show that both defenses have the skills but the offenses are lacking. It wasn’t a pretty game to watch as both sides made mistakes. The Cowboys aren’t 100% but they can’t keep relying on last minute drives to win games because they will lose. The Skins still need to figure out the offense they want to play if they want to win more games.

More divisional action and big time matchups to help weed out who is serious and who just got lucky. There are a few teams that I am excited to see which is the Texans and the Bills. They have been dominant on their first two outings and now they start playing with the big boys. I would love to seem some upsets as long as Brees still does good for my fantasy team!

Jaguars V. Panthers- The Jags have issues at QB but if Gabbert is their future I don’t think he can do anymore damage than Mccown has. MJD should be able to help fill the gaps, even though he didn’t have a TD he was able to get some yardage last week. The Panthers on the other hand are just itching for their first win. I have been both surprised and disappointed by both of these teams so far and I think this could be a close game. But I think Cam gets his first win this week.

Lions V. Vikings- These teams split the series last year and the Vikings to me are a worse off team this year. They have AP but with the Lions defense I am not so sure how much of an impact he can make. The Lions are out to prove that they need to be taken seriously. The numbers they are putting up on both sides of the ball have been impressive but they still have yet to face a strong team. That being said I think the Vikes are week and the Lions take this one.

49ers V. Bengals- The Niners are coming off a tough loss at home but in general are performing much better than expected. The Bengals on the other hand won against a bad team then turn around and lost against a bad team. There isn’t a lot going on except for Benson on their offense and I think that their defense is soft. The Niners have much more going for them on defense I expect Willis to be in Dalton’s face all day long. Niners on this one.

Dolphins V. Browns- The Fins actually haven’t been playing as horrible as I thought they were even though they are 0-2. Henne looks better despite losing, but the defense has been lagging on coverage. Where the Browns on the other hand seemed to have two completely opposite weeks. Mccoy isn’t as sharp as he needs to be but Hillis seems to have stepped up from week 1. I could see this going both ways depending on who shows up, but I think the Fins finally win on the road.

Patriots V. Bills- Many didn’t believe that the Bills would be 2-0 when they faced the Patriots but they are. The question is can the Patriots defense stop what has turned into an unexpected explosive offense? I think this will be a closer game than the obsessive Patriot lovers think. But the Buffalo’s defense has yet to face a great offense, let along a good one. While I think their offense should be able to score against the Pats, I don’t think that their defense will be able to keep up with the Pats offense. Would love to see an upset but I have to give the edge to the Pats.

Giants V. Eagles- The problem in predicting this is not knowing whether or not Vick is playing. Oh wait a minute we are talking about the Giants here. I honestly believe in the talent of Mccoy that even if Vick doesn’t play can gain the yards as long as Kafka doesn’t turn over the ball. Manning isn’t playing that well and their defense isn’t playing its best. I am going to say either way Eagles win this one.

Broncos V. Titans- The Titans showed a sign of life I didn’t know I would see last week. The Broncos were able to beat a weak Bengals team. This one could be a toss up especially if CJ is a no show again. I don’t want to hear the Tebow chants anymore which makes me hope for a Broncos win, but I have a feeling that the Titans take this one!

Texans V. Saints- Welcome to the big leagues Houston! This will be a huge game if the Texans can pull it off. Their running game has looked good but their defense is what has improved over the last year. The problem the Saints will have is they face a defense that is currently the best against the pass. But that was also against Collins and Henne, they haven’t seen a QB of Brees like stature. In the same respect the Saints D has been doing well against the run. It could be a close game but the Saints at home? I can’t bet against that!

Jets V. Raiders- The Jets are coming off a motivating beatdown of the Jags while the Raiders are coming off a last minute loss. I think this is where Plax will come off with some big catches against a Raiders secondary that lacks a superstar. Hopefully Greene may be able to run a little too. But you can’t count out the Raiders as Mcfadden is climbing upwards each week and the Jets haven’t been able to be the shut outs they were a year ago. In the end I will take the Jets as besides Mcfadden the Raiders are quite unimpressive.

Ravens V. Rams- Which Raven team is actually going to show up this week? Talk about the biggest flip/flop of superiority. However, I haven’t heard either way if Jackson is playing or not. We all saw what happened last week when he did not play. The Ravens have massive talent and a newly resigned Ngata. I can’t put doubt on them when they have the talent. I will take the Ravens in this one.

Chiefs V. Chargers- The Chiefs have lost a lot of big players, and Matt Cassel has pretty much been non existent. The Chargers have the talent but not the follow through. I was tough watching both teams last week. The Chiefs need to figure out a new game plan in order to get any momentum. The Chargers on the the other hand need to just stay focused because they can win games. I don’t think Gates will be shut out in this game. I pick the Chargers.

Falcons V. Buccaneers– This is a big matchup for the Bucs who have had a wobbly first two weeks. Its the youth of the team that is both so good yet so bad at times. Blount closed the game well last week, but just like last year he is slow going to make a big splash. The Falcons coming off a win against the Eagles should hopefully shape up and start getting the offense going early. This could be a very close game or a total blow out. But I have to go with more experience and pick the Falcons.

Cardinals V. Seahawks- I am starting to wonder if the Hawks will win any games this year. Lucky for them they are in the worst division in the league. However, playing against a Cardinals offense that is really starting to come together despite a loss could be harmful to them winning a game. Seattle can’t seem to get any momentum or make any big plays. The Cardinals seem to be building their chemistry every week and I see good things in the future for Kolb and Kompany. I will go with the Cardinals.

Packers V. Bears- Here it is y’all the NFC Championship game from last year. Except this time I am sure Cutler will play the whole game. The bad news is he will probably get sacked often. The Bears have a lot of talent but they have gaping holes in their play that stops them from being the elite team that their fans want them to be. I still think they will be vying for a wild card spot. However, as long as the Packers are playing they will win this one.

Steelers V. Colts- Oh boy to the poor schedulers who created this game thinking of the hype that would come with it. But now they have a Manningless 0-2 Colts team and a 1-1 Steelers team. They probably thought these would be both 2-0 teams at this time in the season. The good news for the Steelers is that since last week was so easy this week will probably be easier. The Colts obviously relied on Manning for much more than being  QB he was the heart of the team. Their motivation seems to be gone and I think that the Steelers take this one easily.

Redskins V. Cowboys– Uh oh….I better be careful with what I say about this one. The thing is the Skins are surprising many people especially on defense when they were one of the worst in the league last year. However, the Cowboys are hurting right now and it is still unknown whether or not Romo plays or Austin or Bryant for that matter. I don’t see how they can keep winning games without the playmakers playing. They split the series last year but it is in Dallas. I am picking the Skins unless two out of the three above mentioned players play then I pick the Boys’!

et cetera